Better to Be On Time and Ready

Recently, I have found that it is easy to say you will be a part of something and just as easy to NOT show up, respond, or even adjust your schedule to try and make an appearance to something you have committed to. It is a sad thing to admit, I have a problem with allowing myself to get too busy with schedules and have-tos throughout my day that I MISS the most important themes of WHY someone would ask me to a function, or be a part of an event, or to spend time over coffee.

So many of us have character flaws and hide it away as if no one sees our weakness of being what the world calls as lazy. So many of us have a remark and are ready, when confronted, as to why or why not we cannot make the appointment. Some even dismiss their behavior in saying, Oh, you know me! I never call people back. As if its alright now that youve clearly stated youre not only 1.) unreliable and 2.) not interested in my invite and 3.) frankly, not really wanting to be a part of, or not sure if you care to be a part of something that goes beyond 3 feet from your comfort zone.

Im appalled by the number of people these days that just take that answer , Oh Im Sorry. I forgot. as truth and it is treated as tolerable. People are meant to tell one another how we feel. Even if it will hurt or lift up. Either way, tolerance of the intolerable is nothing short of eating stale bread in the morning and crusty milk for your cereal. People wouldnt eat in their restroom would they? Or take a piece of rotting meat out of the trash and call it sufficient dinner would they? So why do we, as people, who are to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, accepting behavior from each other that is second best?

Today, rethink the time you took to get ready in the morning. Evaluate the effort it took to look that way. Now reflect on the time it took to make plans for this coming up holiday weekend. Again, look back at the effort made. Now look at your daily planner. Does that include time with friends, family or a loved one? What about that conference someone asked you to attend just to make an appearance.or the special coffee time your friend has asked you to? Are those events and appointments important? Better to be a man of your word and stick to your follow thru. The technique on that may be a bit tricky.but settling for behavior that is second best is intolerable.

Tolerating the Intolerable is a fools errand.

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