Red Shoe Team Members

Meet the Red Shoe Project Team

Dawn M. McCoy, BS, MS, MA

President, Executive Director Red Shoe Project, Inc. Established May 2012. Dawn has background in Marriage Family Therapy, Child/Adolescent Counseling, and Counseling Ministry and currently runs Red Shoe Project, Inc. developing lives and business owners for Autonomy and Strength. Her passion is working with everyday people in their world, their families and their occupations to lead to a rich and more fulfilling life. Dawn specializes in Success Coaching while delegating and developing encouragement for her team members. Each team member has their unique talents and Red Shoe Project, Inc. was designed to encourage others to grow in their calling and their true self. Come get to know her more.

Bridgett Diemer, BS

Assistant Director Red Shoe Project, Inc. and Bridgett has background in Child Development and currently runs our Eating Disorders division. Bridgett’s unique sense of awareness for others battling this diagnosis has led her to help several women and men work on the root cause for their disordered thinking. She is currently running a weekly support group for over 4 years within Red Shoe Project, Inc. developing routines and a safety in expression of feelings. Her passion is working with everyday people in their world along with their families to support a healthy structure for the mind body and soul. Bridgett specializes in Success Coaching while delegating and developing encouragement for her clients. Come get to know her more.

David L. McCoy, Chaplain/Writer/Life Care Coach

Vice President of Red Shoe Project, Inc. David is compassionate about people and the spiritual wellbeing within in his community. As a retired UPS driver, David understands how the workforce and the way it can harm and build up others in mind body and spirit. You can see him around town praying for others, meeting for coffee and deeply connecting to individuals who have a passion to LIVE LIFE to the fullest. David’s support in counsel and in wisdom has earned him recognition in many publications around his community and serves as the mentor and major prayer support in the coming days of our company. He has been married for over 46 years and would love to share coffee or a meal with you.

Theren McCoy, Life Care Coach

Also Founder of Clear Perceptions, Redlands, CA. “Skin Therapist” Theren is a skilled professional that has a passion for skin care for an array of problematic skin types. Theren’s unique ability for helping individuals see that their skin needs attention just like any other part of their bodies, has raised her to a level of high regard in her community. Theren has taken her business to new heights this year by becoming an advocate for Cancer Awareness and Prevention thru many networking events. In 2012, Theren was made one of the #1 skin care therapists of the local Cancer Society in Redlands, CA. holding workshops where she has helped many women see that at any age, there is hope for lightening of age spots, wrinkles, dry/flakey skin and even help prevent cancerous cells from growing. Theren’s passion for helping others with the disease of cancer has propelled her towards connecting with her community with her sincere heart to help, heal and grow awareness with prevention in rejuvenating mind, body and soul through pampering and wellness. You can see her featured at Red Shoe Project, Inc. where she includes in her service focus on problematic skin types including rosacea, scarring, acne, light pigmentation, anti-aging and exfoliation.

Cathy Jiles, Minister and Owner of Fuchsia Ministries

Cathy Jiles, Founder of Fuchsia, a Women's Community Outreach Organization. Fuchsia was birthed from the pain of a broken relationship with the father of 7 children. She quickly learned that it does not matter from what economical, educational, denominational or racial back ground you come from as women the pain from a broken relationship suffers the same. She is an only child and has always wanted to help people, didn't know that God was going to encourage me to do so in such a way as this. Cathy turned her tears into joy and laughter and began this journey to help every women that she encounters even if just with a smile. With her 6boys, 1 beautiful daughter and 5 grandchildren, they all keep her encouraged that the ministry that God has anointed me to do is not for anything other than to glorify Him while helping women in any way that she can.

Clarisa Kirk, Event Coordinator and Planner of Posh Events

A big thank you for our Event Coordinator and Planner. Clarisa Kirk of Posh Events gladly donated her time and resources with style and class. Get to know her and her talents. Check out her most recent work at the Unforgettable Foundation Bachelor Auction.

Henry Watkins, Specialized Safety Services, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Henry Watkins specializes in sharing tips and skills in safety and protection for women of the Inland Empire. As a representative of Specialized Safety Services, Henry educates with determination and respect for women that have gone thru traumatic events or assault. His teaching model empowers and equips women with knowledge of the use of OC spray and many body maneuvers in order to take back their voice. We are proud to have Henry as a partner in giving the women of the Inland Empire a sense of hope after an attack or preparation for strength to stand up for justice and self-awareness. Visit for more information.

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